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OSX Essential Apps – 2018 Edition

For the last few years I’ve been a Mac user and I’ve had a variety of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Years ago the MacBook Pro was a wonderful device, but it was bloody heavy. Lugging a MacBook Pro around meant that you got a bit of a workout, so I switched to the Air. […]

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Wifi Printing Brings A Bit Of Sanity

For several years I had a HP laserjet printer. It was functional. It printed stuff when I needed it, but, unfortunately, whatever drivers it needed did not “play nice” with my Mac and eventually I had to retire it. I mentioned my printer dilemma to a friend a couple of months ago and he suggested a […]

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Which iPad Apps For My Mother?

I’ve given my mother my old iPad (wifi model) as I got myself an iPad mini. So far it’s got Flipboard, Facebook and a couple of other apps on it, but I really don’t know what else I should install for her. What would you recommend? Related Posts:Wifi Printing Brings A Bit Of SanityNetflix Ireland […]

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Stolen from Facebook 🙂 Related Posts:Exploring Craft Beer, Rum and Coffee in Panama CityOSX Essential Apps – 2018 EditionA Quiet Haven In ShanagarryWifi Printing Brings A Bit Of SanityWhat A Difference A Small Tweak Can Make

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Your Press Release Sucks

For a number of reasons I get sent quite a few press releases. Most, but not all, of them are technology related. Unfortunately a LOT of PR agencies assume that recipients of their press releases actually care. I suspect most don’t. Unless you’re a really popular brand with a zealous following (think Apple) I suspect […]

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Alphabet For Geeks

When I was a child I had a book called “A is for Apple” which went through the alphabet with each letter being associated with a thing. I think my sister inherited it. The 2012 version of it might end up with something like this: No idea where this came from originally, but someone shared […]

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OSX Mountain Lion Is Here!

Earlier today Apple released OSX Mountain Lion. So far I’ve installed it on my work desktop, but haven’t had a chance to explore it yet – I left it trying to upgrade my mail .. which will probably take a while.. the downside to not having SSD drives At home I’m still trying to download […]

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iTunes Weirdness

One of the reasons I love using Apple products is because they’re incredibly simple and easy to use. I don’t need to worry about what’s going on under the hood – I just click and it works. Of course the downside to Apple products is that when they don’t work you’re left scratching your head. […]

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