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screenshot from Polish advert

Simply Lovely Polish Advert

Some adverts are simply beautiful. This is one of those adverts, and no, you don’t need to speak Polish to understand it: Enjoy! Related Posts:Embedding Youtube Videos With Captions Turned OnHonest AdvertisingCreme Egg MadnessSalesOnline.ie – Worst HTML Coding Of The WeekEva Green – Midnight Poison

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Facebook advertiser survey thank you screen

Simple Yet Effective Choice of Words

We advertise a bit on Facebook. We don’t spend massive amount of money on it, so I was interested to get a survey from them on our experiences with their advertising platform. But what really captured my attention was the simple, yet very effective, choice of wording on the “thank you” screen when I completed […]

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Vintage advertising Cuba

Cuban and other Latin American advertising from the 1950s and 1960s Related Posts:French Cinema Chain Uses Clever Editing in AdvertisingExploring Craft Beer, Rum and Coffee in Panama CityLa Ruta del Lechón Puerto Rico2017 Flights Animated (Video)Back on the Road

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Get Your Head Out Of The Cloud

I’ve been working online in some shape or form since the mid 1990s when I was an undergraduate at the University of Limerick. Back then the internet was novel and I used it mostly to compensate for the lack of books in the university’s library (they did have lots of books – just not that […]

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Netflix Advertise On A Critical Post

Netflix Advertise On A Critical Post

I posted earlier today about my initial experiences with Netflix in Ireland. It’s now showing these ads: Related Posts:French Cinema Chain Uses Clever Editing in AdvertisingJim Jefferies : This is me nowBinge Watching Netflix’s Santa Clarita DietChoices, Choices, ChoicesFinally Cutting the Cord

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Apple’s 1984 Ridley Scott Advert

I’m currently reading the Steve Jobs biography. I wanted the “dead tree” version, so I had to wait for it to arrive, so I’m probably a bit behind compared to other people. I don’t remember the launch of the Macintosh, but I do remember the Apple stand at an exhibition in Cork around the same […]

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Provocative Advertising

Hunky Dorys are a brand of potato crisp. I guess there isn’t much that you can say about potato crisps. You either like them or you don’t. You might like one brand over another, but I don’t normally associate crisps with scantily clad women. That was until last year when Hunky Dorys ran an advertising […]

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